Karyn assisting a patient at Fuqua Phyusical Therapy
Karyn assisting a patient at Fuqua Phyusical Therapy

"As a professional athlete I have had to recover from numerous injuries throughout my career. I have found the rehabilitative services of Fuqua Physical Therapy to be on par with those I experienced while playing in the NBA. Their knowledge and level of care is second to none."

- Harold Pressley, Sacramento Kings

"As a High School Football Coach for over 20 years I have had numerous injured athletes. Fuqua Physical Therapy stands out as one of the top sports injury treatment centers. Their experience and professionalism has allowed countless athletes of mine to continue participation in spite of injury and their rehabilitation for the more seriously injured athletes has allowed many more to return to a sport they are passionate about."

- Mike Dimino, Coach Del Campo High School

"After having two major back surgeries, I could barely stand and walk. The staff at Fuqua Physical Therapy has encouraged and supported me to move forward in my recovery. They are fully educated and attentive to my care, and I have actually never been in better physical shape than I have after working here with the staff at Fuqua."

- Gary W, Former Patient